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How to buy a Ural?

It is possible to have a Ural quickly if it is in inventory at Goulet Moto Sports, however, a Ural is a rare product and more often than not you have to wait for the next container to get one. Normally during peak periods (spring-summer) we receive 1 container every 2 months approximately. A deposit of $ 3,500 is required to reserve a unit.



What if I want to personalize my Ural?

A Ural can be made to your liking directly from the factory. You will have the choice of colors, the "black engine" option, the undercoating, the retro lights and indicators. For the colors, we have 3 basic colors included in the prices: Slate Gray, Burgundy Satin and OD Green. Some colors are available at an additional cost. We can also make 2-tone designs and camos. Please allow 45 to 90 days for the production of your "made by you" Ural



Transport and preparation costs?
It often takes more than a day to prepare, assemble and adjust a Ural. This motorcycle arrives disassembled from Russia. So the sidecar is detached from his motorcycle. The adjustment and testing period allows you to be sure that the sidecar is working properly to give you a better and safer ride. Also, Ural are routed from Russia to the USA before arriving in Canada. Transport and preparation costs (often called PDI) are $ 1,250 for Ural 2020s.


Are Ural still made in Russia?

Yes, Ural are still manufactured at Irbit in the Ural region of Russia (hence the name). But a Ural now has several pieces of global and standardized design. So the brakes are from Italy (Brembo), the orders come from the manufacturer who supplies Ducati, the Denso stator comes from Japan. the EFI system is from Bosh. Ural has the most reliable parts available on the market.



What is UDF?

Have you heard of UDF problems because of your Ural? The UDF is the URAL DELAY FACTOR. In fact, no matter where you go, in public, always allow 10 to 15 minutes to explain to the curious your motorbike or let yourself be photographed. the UDF is a fact! not a joke, but a reality.



Driving without a passenger and putting ballast in the sidecar?

You can ride without a passenger in the sidecar but a Ural behaves better with weight. If you ride alone, we recommend that you put ballast of about 100lbs in the sidecar, the driving will be improved and if you add a passenger, the ballast will not disturb.



Can I buy my Ural in the United States?

To make a short sentence, the answer is niet! The importation of an American Ural to Canada is not approved on the list of permanent imports of Transport Canada. Ural Americans meet American standards and Ural Canadians meet Canadian standards. Thus all Ural in Canada are directly imported from Russia in transit through the USA according to the approved exchange agreement. So yes, we agree, they transit through the United States, but are cleared in Canada. Is it possible to register an American Ural? Perhaps? Ural USA tells us that no, the serial numbers (VIN) are not approved by Transport Canada, in fact, in life, anything is possible, but the costs are going to be exorbitant.

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