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New For 2020

  • 19” aluminum rims from Italcerchio S.R.L.

  • Forged brake caliper brackets

  • One-piece forged alternator adapter shaft

  • Bi-metal piston pin bushing

  • Updated swing arm and fork leg design incorporates dust seals to prolong bearing life

  • Improved rear sidecar body mounts "snowmen" incorporate an internal spring for increased load capacity

New For 2019

  • Re-designed cylinder head covers

  • Cooling fins increased in surface area for improved cooling efficiency

  • Improved piston and cylinder design

  • Throttle position sensor for improved throttle response.

  • All new EFI system utilizing Keihin throttle bodies

  • Improved oil pick-up design and increased oil pan capacity

  • Universal spare wheel

New For 2018

  • Spotlight replaced with high visibility LED Fog Lights on Gear Up sidecar.

  • New passenger windshield on cT model.

  • New hydraulic/gas charged steering damper.

  • New reed style magnetic float fuel sensor.

  • Three new standard paint options (Slate Grey, Burgundy Satin, and OD Green).

New For 2017

  • Electronic speedometer with built-in indicators.

  • New wire harness with combination relay and fuse box under left side panel.

  • Handlebar switch for sidecar spot-light.

  • Handlebar parking brake lever, replaces rider side lever.

  • Reverse / neutral foot pedal instead of lever.

  • New stock 2/3 seat, replaces tractor seat.

  • New sidecar seat with extra storage space under the cushion.

  • Updated Tonneau covers.

  • Numerous redesigned and improved internal components.

  • New colors available in premium colors and finishes.

New For 2016

  • New starter motor.

  • Introduction of compressible fiber-aluminum gaskets to seal exhaust head pipes.

  • Hydraulic brake switch.

  • Modified wire harness.

  • Modified throttle bodies and flanges.

  • Gas tank with the fuel sensor baffle.

  • Modified hydraulic dampener with increased stiffness and sealing.

  • New trunk lid weather strip.

  • New design of the oil deflector for the breather for 2WD models.

  • Use of liquid paint on all body parts.

New For 2015

  • Updated standard roller bearing used in the crankshaft.

  • Updated welding for hydraulic damper mount.

  • 3M Self adhesive kick start bumper.

  • New rear brake hose and cable mounting bracket.

  • Relocated master cylinder with universal link rods.

  • Redesigned rear brake pedal that is higher and more comfortable.

  • New H4 headlight with housing.

  • New tonneau covers, standard Sunbrella and vinyl for cT model.

  • Plastic wheel hub covers for front and sidecar wheels.

  • Introduction of Universal spare wheel.

New For 2014

  • Introduction of new EFI engine.

  • Introduction of new cT model.

  • New airbox with branch pipes.

  • New hydraulic steering dampener.

  • New aluminum triple clamps.

  • Disk brakes on front, rear, and sidecar wheels.

  • Redesigned wheel hubs.

  • New final drive housing.

  • Pre-formed fuel lines, breather, and brake reservoir hoses.

  • New front brake reaction link.

  • New Ural gas tank badges.

  • New tank knee-grips with logo.

  • Redesigned ignition key.

  • New dashboard with updated indicator lamps.

  • Front engine cover now featuring Ural logo.

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